Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass: Douche Bag or Tough Love Poster Boy?

The other night's episode of Gossip Girl, Blair (Leighton Meester) was back at Constance--not because she missed it, but because she can't quite figure out how to win over the non-sushi-loving NYU crowd. It's actually sad seeing her this way, but that's not the point. She decided to host the annual Waldorf sleepover for old times' sake, which had dutiful boyfriend Chuck (Ed Westwick) a little concerned. Let's face it, college and slumber parties just don't go well together.

Chuck being Chuck, he devised a plan to take Blair out of her rut by escorting incumbent Queen Bee Jenny (Taylor Momsen) to the premiere of the Oscar-buzzing film (really now?) Fleur. How he figured out this math, only he knows. Of course, when Gossip Girl spills the dirt, Blair is furious--at Jenny. Let's just say they were not in good terms to begin with. But before she could do anything to her, the Mother Chucker revealed that he tricked her to make the point that she should not have given up on her new world, NYU. When Blair declares that it's over for her at her new school, Chuck was surprisingly offended because Blair thinks it's harder to win over a "a bunch of pseudo-intellectual homesick malcontents" than his royal highness Chuck.

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