The Hills: Lo Bosworth to Star in 'LA Candy'?

Look who's picking favorites. After news of her inking the deal to turn bestselling novel LA Candy into a movie, Lauren Conrad is already thinking about who to star in it. While she might want the spotlight for herself, she believes someone else needs a turn. Who else would come to mind but her best friend, Lauren Bosworth?

MTV News reported that Lauren pointed out how Lo has had formal training in the past, so casting her for LA Candy would be appropriate enough. Besides, the whole flick is about a girl in a reality TV series. We'd all be surprised if she wouldn't get that role right.

"I would like Lo Bosworth," Conrad responded when asked about who she'd choose to star on LA Candy. "Lo has taken a couple of acting classes in her life."

But if that doesn't work out, she just won't stop looking for someone to fit the bill. "I have to do research. We'll see," she said. "I feel like I'm going to shoot for someone crazy amazing, and then they're going to be like, 'Ugh, yeah, I'll do your movie.'"

Despite her relationship with Lo, LC isn't keeping up with her on The Hills that much anymore. With the new season having premiered without her, she just couldn't quite stand watching it. On her interview, she wished the series the best of luck even though she's no longer the star.

"I didn't watch it, no," Lauren Conrad admitted. "I mean, I love Lo, but to be honest, I hope it does really well because MTV did so much for me."

One of the reasons why she can hardly be entertained by The Hills is because she was part of it for so long. It's not the casting of Kristin Cavallari that bothers her, but for now she's stepping back from witnessing all that drama unfold.

And she does admit, there's plenty of that in the new season. "I think people are liking it. They got some drama."

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