'Rescue Me' - 'Breakout' Recap Season 6, Episode 4

After last week's harrowing final moment, we didn't waste any time in finding out just what happened to Lou. The whole situation created an interesting parallel for Tommy's own experience when he was bleeding out on the floor of the bar in last season's finale.

And yet, somehow, the creative folks behind 'Rescue Me' managed to make this easily the funniest episode of the season, while staying true to the drama at the heart of these characters' lives. In fact, there was so much going on that it's damned near impossible to say much of anything about any of it without spoiling, so let's get past this jump so we can chat.

Guys rib each other, so I didn't think anything of it when the boys were getting on Lou's case in the hospital for being fat. That's what we do, so it's not a big deal, right? Only sometimes it is a big deal. Lou clearly has a problem with food and emotional eating. He's just as much of an addict as Tommy, only his poison is going to get him via high cholesterol levels or something like that.

Lou's dietician's response, which was to list each guy's physical failings, was a great bit of writing, as was having Black Shawn obsess over the spacing of his eyes throughout the rest of the episode. Nobody's perfect, but nobody really likes to be reminded of those physical faults they can't really do anything about. Not exactly the case with Lou, but the point was still well made.

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