Dexter: Harry Knows Best

Harry Morgan must have seen it all coming when he said, "You've got a family to support, and people to dismember. You're spinning too many plates, Dexter." And we get exactly what he means as the Dexter episode "Remains to Be Seen" picks up right where last week's premiere left off: Strapped and trapped in his car, Dexter Morgan wakes up as he is wheeled into an ambulance, fearing that cops will discover the body of his latest victim, Benny Gomez. Aren't we all?

In spite of giving off that "at the edge of your seat" suspense vibe, the show manages to reduce viewers' anxiety with reality that it's yet not lethal injection time for Dexter. Still there are a few more roadblocks to solve, including the whereabouts of Benny Gomez (or pieces of him) and the fact that Dexter is currently suffering from a concussion that is clearly affecting his judgment and memory. Oh and he's dead tired and sleepy but can't take off work because of Miami Metro's new top priority case, the Vacation Murders. There's a silver lining though because, at the crime scene, Dexter finds Quinn pocketing the cash of the murder victim, and we get to see Quinn sucking up to Dexter's butt all throughout the episode.

I've never seen Dexter this disoriented before but thanks to daddy Harry, and some bits and pieces of memory fragments from the night of Benny Gomez's murder, Dexter finally recovers Benny's body from the boxing arena--- the very location where Dexter killed him.

Meanwhile, Deb and Lundy catch up over the Lisa Bell case and something tells me that Lundy isn't over Deb nor is Deb over Lundy. And that's in spite of Lundy's whole speech about how he doesn't want to ride off into the sunset and dump the horrendous Trinity Killer case to the next person in line. But that actually remains to be seen.

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