'Entourage' - 'Stunted' Recap (Season Premiere) Season 7, Episode 1

Born poor in Queens, NY, to a troubled family, he comes to Hollywood and becomes a star of the highest magnitude. He brings his friends along.

But do we really know the guy? Vince (Adrian Grenier) seems to live in a state of permanent bliss on 'Entourage.' If things are going well, he likes to buy his loved ones gifts. If things are going badly then hey, he came from nothing and he can go back to nothing.

'Stunted' peeled a few layers away from Vince's polished surface, and it's an encouraging sign that we might see some character development here. Vince is browbeaten into doing a dangerous stunt by director Nick Cassavetes (playing an out-of-control version of himself quite expertly) when Cassavetes questions Vince's manhood.Citing a dangerous stunt Sean Penn performed in the movie 'She's So Lovely,' Cassavetes makes a direct stab at Vince's masculinity: "Sean Penn's no bitch." (Note to self: Watch 'She's So Lovely' and figure out which stunt he's referring to.)

Vince's conduct here is not admirable. He tells Cassavetes that he's into doing the stunt, while at the same time going behind the director's back to Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Ari (Jeremy Piven) and pleading with them to get him out of the stunt but not to make him look bad while doing so.

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