Better Off Ted Episode 11 Recap: "Father, Can You Hair Me?"

On last night's Better Off Ted, Veronica and Ted were each dealing with their own set of daddy issues.

Veronica was trying to have a normal relationship with her father when she found out he only had one year to live, while Ted desperately tried to push Phil and Lem to develop a treatment for baldness to impress his father.

Phil and the Hair

Now for some of our favorite quotes from the episode.

Lem: But what about protocol?

Ted: Forget protocol. Did Einstein stop to fill out paperwork before discovering his Theory of Relativity?

Phil: Actually, he was a patent clerk, so all he did was fill out paperwork

Veronica: Ted, you don't have to go through all this. Just say the word and the election's her's. We did for Iceland and we can do it for your kid

Lem: We are not mad scientists, Ted, regardless of what our bowling shirts might say. | permalink

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