Venture Brothers Season 4, Episode 6 - Review: "Self-Medication"

This week's episode of The Venture Bros. was the closest thing we could ever describe as a star-studded aventure for this amazing show on Adult Swim.

The episode, "Self-Medication," featured Seth Green, John Hodgman, and Patton Oswalt as a group of fellow boy adventurers attending a self-help group with Dr. Venture to get over their childhood trauma. These voice actors all did an amazing job leading to a very succesful storyline.

Unfortunately, the B Story belong to Sgt. Hatred and it focused on his pedophilia as usual. We thought the Henchmen, Hank and Dean were all amazing in this story. But really, do we need half an episode devoted to pedophile jokes and Hank dressed as Princesss Tinyfeet? So not cool.

We absolutely loved the main storyline and character development of this episode and it could have been one of our favorites of the season if not brought down by Hatred.

Now presenting some of our favorite Venture Brothers quotes from the boy adventurers and the return of the great Dr. Z:

Dr. Venture: Well, Daphne, I believe. She got around quite a bit. But Velma? I always thought she was a...

Action Johnny: Everybody did. But I got a pack of herpes that says otherwise.

Action Johnny: You're gonna tell me you didn't send your flunky to murder our therapist with a Vietnamese Two-Step Viper?

Dr. Z: Bah! When Dr. Z harasses you, you'll know it. A giant metal crab would tear the roof off of your trailer. No less than six suicide assassins would spring from its belly! I would never stoop to striking at you through some civilian proxy. And I certainly would not do it with a made-up snake!

Action Johnny: Looks like you got a little herpe on your lip, have you been kissing your wife's ass... after I put herpe in there?

Action Johnny: My dad's lab was like a pharmacological candy store, so I started real young. Next thing I know, I'm blowing lines of voodoo powder off the back of a monkey's paw I bought in Calcutta. Now I'm all out of wishes.

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