White Collar Episode 5 Review: "The Portrait"

We finally get to see and hear Kate interact with Neal - and it definitely made this episode worth it. Surprisingly enough, there are more clues to what she is trying to say. This time, she actually uses her voice - which means Neal must be getting closer to figuring it all out..esp. about who the guy with the pinkie ring is.

It bothers me to no end the "cat and mouse" game Neal and Kate are playing. I guess it's good for ratings, but C'mon! Enough is enough already. I am sure White Collar will drag this story line out for the rest of the season.

Yet, there was a couple really funny parts to this week's episode, "The Portrait". For one, anything involving Peter and women - makes it very humorously awkward. He is a handsome looking man, but when it comes to being hot and sexy, he can't foot the bill. Neal on the other hand...yeah, he should be taking Don Juan DeMarco lessons from him.

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