'Top Chef' Frontrunner Falls (Season 6, Episode 10) - Review

Things are finally shaking up on this season of Top Chef, when North Jersey native Michael Isabella, previously touted to reach at least the final four, was eliminated last night partly because his dish lacked an important ingredient and partly because he was arrogant.

Isabella, 34, was given the walking papers on the Natalie Portman episode of Top Chef with the Closer and Star Wars star, who turned out to be a vegetarian. He landed in the bottom of the elimination challenge where they had to cook vegetarian dishes for Portman and her friends at Tom's Craftsteak restaurant at MGM Grand.

Mike, who wasn't exactly a fan favorite, turned off people with his cocky and smarmy attitude, and from the looks of things, the fact that Robin, deemed underdog from the very beginning, outlasted him on Top Chef. The 43-year-old Idaho native is now part of the final six contestants on the season.

The other remaining chef-testants are the intense V brothers, Jennifer (who's on a downward spiral lately), perennially front-runner Kevin, and potential dark horse Eli.

On the episode's quickfire challenge, the chef-testants had to give a gourmet makeover to a TV dinner, where Mike revealed that he had never seen an episode of Seinfeld. At the end of the challenge, Jen, who used to be one of the frontrunners, once again landed in the bottom, alongside Robin, while Kevin won.

Moving on to the elimination challenge, Natalie Portman was a guest, and the boys couldn't take his eyes off him. Things changed when she revealed she was vegetarian. In the end, Mike, Robin, and Jen (again!) landed in the bottom three for different reasons, including absolutely no protein in Mike's dish.

With one of the predicted finalists gone, does this mean it actually won't be a V brothers, Kevin, and Jennifer showdown in the end of Top Chef? Tune in next week to find out.

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