'American Dad's' racy 'horse chores' episode might cost FOX $25 K in FCC fines

FOX's shows with "American" in the title seem to be upsetting our country.

Zap2it just reported on how the Christian Newswire believes Ellen DeGeneres' "lesbian-one-liners" have perverted "American Idol" (and caused its falling ratings). Apparently "American Dad" isn't doing much better at upholding traditional all-American values in the eyes of family advocates.

Seth MacFarlane's FOX show just wrapped its fifth season on May 16, but a mid-season episode is still causing waves. FOX faces FCC fines for an implied horse ejaculation scene that aired on a Jan. 3 episode of "American Dad."

A character tells the dad how to take care of the "horse chores":

"You have to brush the horse's coat and mane, water and feed it, and then give it a full release ... You know, give it a happy photo finish. Take the glue out of the factory. Spank his front butt. Grant him a bone loan."

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