Legend of the Seeker Season2 , Episode 21: "Unbroken" Review

It is the beginning of the end for Legend of the Seeker as "Unbroken" sets the final story in motion. Now that Cara has betrayed Richard and his friends, having been turned back to Darken Rahl's side, Zedd decides to attempt a dangerous spell that will undo what has been done to her. The results are surprisingly massive, taking everything that has happened since the finale of last season and going a different direction.

Cara has been such an important part of the second season that it feels appropriate that removing her from the end of Season 1 changes far more than Zedd could have imagined. At first, the alternate reality seems like it might be preferable for the good guys. Richard and Kahlan are finally able to be together; they are happily married and even pregnant. The kingdom is seemingly at peace. Even Cara has been able to live a normal life without the trauma of being tortured as a young girl and turned into a Mord-Sith. However, the cracks in the so-called perfect world are evident through the subtle differences in Richard's personality.

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