Recap Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 2 - The One Where They Build a House

Michael plans to save the Bluth Company by beginning construction on a new development and holding a ribbon-cutting ceremony. G.O.B. and Michael argue over who should cut the ribbon, and Michael eventually relents. However, he doesn’t think that G.O.B.’s plan to hold the ribbon cutting ceremony in two weeks is feasible. G.O.B. suggests building a fake house, with nothing on the inside. Buster suspects that Lucille and Oscar are having an affair. Lucille tries to end the relationship, but can't resist his luxurious hair. Buster sees the two making out, and decides to join the Army to get away. Lindsay and Tobias’s newly open marriage becomes more competitive. Lindsay makes a date with a homeless man, only to realize that he is actually an actor living on the street to research his role. G.O.B. cuts the ribbon, and all four walls of the new house collapse. Michael and G.O.B. realize that their competitive attitudes stem from George Sr., who has always pitted them against each other. George Sr. is hiding out in Mexico with his former secretary, Kitty, who is driving him crazy. He asks G.O.B. to wire him money, but the call ends when the police take down George Sr., thinking that he is Oscar.

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