Recap Arrested Development: Season 2, Episode 3 - Amigos

Michael arrives at work to find his brother G.O.B. adjusting to his new job as president of the Bluth Company. Michael tells G.O.B. of his plans to take George Michael to Legoland for the weekend. G.O.B. replies that he plans to call some of his friends, though Michael doubts that he has any. Lucille finds Michael in his office and informs him that she has hired her faithful private detective, Gene Parmesan, to find George Sr. Gene enters the room, disguised as a janitor, and after setting off the smoke alarm tells Michael that the staircar, which George Sr. used to escape, was seen in Encanta, Mexico. G.O.B. overhears, and suspects that Michael is escaping to a foreign country, leaving the failing business behind. He calls upon Ice, a bounty hunter, to track Michael. In the meantime, Michael asks George Michael to accompany him to Mexico, but is told that his son has plans with his girlfriend Ann. Michael comments that he hasn't had time to get to know Ann, and tells George-Michael that they will be going to Mexico.

Michael, still searching for another driver to Mexico, asks Tobias, but is turned down due to Tobias being on standby for the Blue Man Group. Lindsay agrees to go to Mexico to spend quality time with Maeby.

Later, at the party that Lucille throws for Buster, it is clear that Buster does not approve of his mother's affair with Oscar, and that Lucille does not approve of Buster going into the Army. In fact, Buster does not wish to enlist in the Army, and begs Michael to help him get out of it. Upon hearing that Michael is going to Mexico, Buster plans to stow away. George Michael tells his father that he invited Ann along, and Michael reluctantly accepts. Michael drops off Lupe at her house in Santa Ana, and Buster hops out of the trunk of the car, thinking he is in Mexico. After realizing that Ice doesn't see him as a friend, G.O.B. seeks out companionship but finds none in any of his family members. Lucille, suspicious of G.O.B., tells Gene to follow her son and report on his doings. Michael and company find the staircar in Mexico, but not George Sr. Unbeknownst to Michael, George Sr.'s funeral is underway in a nearby church, with Kitty in attendance. George Michael, wanting his father to become friends with Ann, requests that the two ride back together. Ice finds Michael, but accepts his offer to look for George Sr. instead. Lindsay, wanting a chance to hook up romantically with Ice, pretends to know about her father's whereabouts to garner interest from the bounty hunter. Maeby, disgusted by her mother's flirting, decides to ride back with Michael. A misunderstanding results in Maeby riding with Michael, George Michael riding with Lindsay, and Ann stranded in Mexico. Upon this realization, George Michael and Michael race back to Mexico to retrieve Ann, and do so, but only after Michael mistakes someone else for Ann. G.O.B. follows Michael to Mexico this time, and reveals that he has no friends. Michael tells him that the only reason he didn't bring G.O.B. is because the last time he did the chicken dance, considered extremely inflammatory in Mexico (at least, G.O.B.'s version), and tells him he will always look out for G.O.B. just as G.O.B. always looks out for him. At this time, Ice arrives and tackles Michael, while G.O.B. comments that he saw it coming, but wanted to see where Michael was going with his heartfelt speech. Gene Parmesan then arrives, having followed G.O.B., in a sombrero and poncho. Michael hires the bounty hunter, the P.I., and G.O.B. to search for George Sr. (largely a gesture toward hiring G.O.B. friends for the weekend) and heads back, fully intent on getting to know Ann. Upon his return, G.O.B. asks Michael how he feels now that he knows Ann a little better, to which Michael can now confidently say "I don't like her".

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