The Cleveland Show: "Buried Pleasure" Review Episode 13

The Cleveland Show hasn't been all that great recently (or ever, depending on your comedic tastes). But the series certainly did some things right in this one. I'll admit I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about this episode at first - the previews and the news of a special guest star that wasn't an actor had me expecting very little this week. But I have to say, although the show still is a long way from awesome, this episode was still fairly entertaining, and far better than I thought it would be.

Rallo gets a new goldfish, whom he names Rockwell, either after Norman Rockwell, or '80s star Rockwell who did the paranoid classic "Somebody's Watching Me." Anyway, Cleveland Jr. accidentally drinks Rockwell, and the whole ordeal ends up with the boys thinking the fish is growing inside of Cleveland Jr. like a baby. It's an odd situation that probably isn't that far from what children would actually think (though Jr. is a bit old for that). The gag goes on for a while, but it doesn't really get funny until Jr. "gives birth" to the predictably dead fish in a mess that "looks like something you'd eat in Louisiana." It's funny 'cause it's true.

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