'Bones' takes aim at the Kennedy assassination Season 5, Episode 12

In yet another "X-Files"-worthy episode, "Bones" tackled the Kennedy assassination this week...with a creative twist.

I really enjoyed the exploration of Booth's motivations and history, as well as Cam's more prominent role. And - let's face it - it was nice to have a break from the NotZack of the week.

The Case: Mysterious Men in Black secure the lab and won't let anyone in or out that night until Bones, Cam, Hodgins, and Angela (and Sweets, possible MIB bycatch) find cause of death for an unidentified body. An alien? Again? Not so much, though Dean Haglund would've fit right in this week too, because the squints are convinced the skeleton belongs to JFK. If Hodgins were a 13-year-old girl, he would've been squealing "OMG!" over and over again as they ID'd the skeleton. He's not too far off from that as it is, in fact.

The MIB, led by a Mr. White (Richard T. Jones), detain Booth in the garage and refuse to let him into the lab, so Booth returns and SHOOTS HIS WAY THROUGH THE DOOR. And gets tackled by the MIB. It. Is. Awesome. And now, of course, he's also restricted to the building. Booth: "Damn, who saw that coming?" Based on tackling methods, he identifies the MIB as Secret Service. Wow, identifying a government agency by how they tackle you is a pretty impressive skill that would be useless 99.9% of the time, so way for Booth to find a way to put it to good use.

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