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So, it's the end of the road for us, Michael and Lincoln. I honestly didn't expect it to last this long, but we've had a pretty good run--many ups and downs, many surprises, many flips, many deaths, and everything else in between.

But really, now. Who would've thought that Prison Break would last four seasons? It is, after all, initially the story of a man who intentionally gets himself imprisoned so that he can break his wrongfully-accused brother out. Unless they wanted Michael to attempt breaking out for four seasons, which would be ridiculous, this show was good for, say, a season or so.

But many factors meant this was to stay, not to mention the stuff that you enjoyed--perhaps ogling at Wentworth Miller, for instance. (I had to say that. Sorry.) And then it became clear that there's a lot more to the show than just, well, a prison break. The Company was bigger than initially thought. The Fox River Eight became the focus, until some ended up dead or stuck inside Sona. Michael and Sara ended up together. The Company's still at it, and now, we're all tracking down Scylla, trying to take down the people that started the entire thing in the first place, and not without a few bombshells in the process. Yep, the fact that Michael and Linc aren't brothers.

The cancellation, the producers said, was a creative decision more than anything. The story's been told, and it'd be weird if this stretches out for longer. While some think it should continue, and some thing the show's lost its plot in the middle--why would the supposed brothers get themselves in trouble so often anyway?--I've got to say Prison Break has succeeded, and for four years, we were hooked, somewhat so. It's been a good run, and it's a good thing they're ending it on their own terms.

Which brings us to tonight's two-hour series finale. Things aren't exactly going well for Michael when we left them last week: Christina's shot Lincoln, asking for the Scylla, while T-Bag's captured Sara, asking for the Scylla. A decision's got to be done in the next five hours--that's the time frame his mother had in mind--or else all of what Michael's gone through will go down the drain just like that. What will he choose? Will he finally dismantle the Company? What is the end game? Will everything ever be normal, or whatever poses as that, for everyone?

Then again, they said it wouldn't be a happy ending for all. Prison Break wraps everything up tonight from 8pm on Fox. And, for perhaps the last time, adios.

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Default avatar cat
May 15, 2009 4:48PM EDT

i don't know what everyone's problem is with season 3. i quite liked the twist in which the company set him up to go to Sona. that way they could go back to the roots, so to speak.
only one gigantic logical hole they've left: why the hell would the company want Michael to break out Whistler, who's trying to bring them down? they really easily could have killed him in there.

Default avatar cat
May 17, 2009 2:37AM EDT

arrgggghhhh!!!! no more MiSa?! WTF?!!! Michael and Sara not happily ever after?!! T-Bag should have been killed off....man those writers jerked me for four years! It's like the OC all over again Ryan and Marissa didn't end up together at the end. F*U FOX! I could have been watching___________!

Default avatar cat
May 20, 2009 2:24AM EDT

hmmmm, yeah i guess ud think theyd end up happily ever after but noo... but the oc was differnt the writers didnt kill her off cause they wanted to she didnt want to continue filming oc and left the show nothing they can do about that.

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