Project Runway 7: Preview of Episode 8 "The Elements of Fashion"

It sounds like we're going back to basics tonight on Project Runway, as the designers are taught to work with "The Elements of Fashion." Perhaps they need reminding of what's essential in their careers in the high-class arena of fashion design, or maybe Tim Gunn is just messing with them again.

On "The Elements of Fashion," it's another tough challenge as the contestants come face-to-face with the elements - earth, air, fire and water. Will they trust their designer instincts and take risks or play it safe once more?

If you look at the trailer of tonight's Project Runway episode, it looks like the remaining contenders are tapping into their inner wild child. Well, Seth Aaron's shown plenty of that already. As for the rest, it's another cruel fight in this cruel, cruel world.

Like the rest of the season, it's always been survival of the fittest on Project Runway. But this is taking it to another level. For the weak, "The Elements of Fashion" will bring tears to their eyes. The strong, meanwhile, will flaunt their battle scars and stand victorious among the crowd.

Commanding the elements of nature is one thing, but to incorporate those four into a design? I'm hoping none of them ends up like something Captain Planet would wear.

Anyway, you can find the trailer for tonight's Project Runway episode below. Someone's already crying their eyes out in the workroom, while the judges tear these designers apart come runway time.

Along with the unkind words of Nina and Michael, there's another judge who'll be joining the panel tonight. Featured on this episode is French designer Roland Mouret, also known as He-Who-Created -the-Epic-Moon-Dress for Victoria Beckham. That reference to nature was probably one of the reason's he's on "The Elements of Fashion" tonight.

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