It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episode Recap: "Mac Fights Gay Marriage"

I have my milk steak perfectly boiled. My finest jelly beans on the side (raw, of course). A Diet Coke can filled with red wine to complement the meal. Yes, it's official - I am ready for the Season 6 Premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. For a show that tackles the most taboo of subjects without flinching, and with no regard for decency, it is interesting that I can describe our season opener as one about love...and marriage. With this cast of characters, though, they don't exactly go together like a horse and carriage. It does appear to be wedding season, however, as Dennis and Dee talk of past love, Charlie proposes, Mac makes his case against gay marriage and even Carmen ties the knot.

We open at the gym where Mac is attempting to sign in as Dennis Reynolds in order to "get his pump on." He argues that he doesn't look like the person on the ID because he's added 15 to 20 pounds of pure bulk muscle. Meanwhile our favorite former man, Carmen, shows up, much to Mac's surprise. Even more surprising is the fact that she's completed the gender reassignment surgery Mac has been waited so long for - and married another man. Mac, of course, is upset about what he considers a gay marriage.

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