How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 9: ''Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap'' - Review

This week's highly anticipated "Revenge of the Slap" wasn't quite as solid as the first "Slapsgiving" (and before that, the original "Slap Bet" that gave us "Let's Go to the Mall"), but it was still very enjoyable. The majority of the comedy in the episode came from Marshall bequeathing his fourth slap, the power to give that slap being passed around to everyone, and the ridiculously awesome failed board games created by Lily's dad.

The set-up for the bequeathing of the slap -- Marshall forgetting the frozen organic turkey that he absolutely loved in a taxi but apparently didn't care enough to track it down himself -- was a little cheesy, and the ensuing fight between Robin and Ted for who gets to fight Barney went on a little too long. But the idea of transferring the slap was a great bit of comedy, and it was tremendously fun to watch Lily enjoy her job as Slap Bet Commissioner and Barney cower in frazzled anticipation of the impending slap. Ted and Robin's fight felt like it was mostly killing time to get to the end of the episode, but it did have one great moment, with Ted claiming he was mad at her for sleeping with his best friend because he's still in love with her... only to admit he was just lying because he really wanted to slap Barney.

Guest star Chris Elliott was okay, but not great, as Lily's estranged father, Mickey Aldrin. Essentially revisiting the kind of loser character he perfected in the early '90s FOX sitcom Get a Life, Elliott came across as mostly unlikable in a role that could have been a lot more fun. Sure, he was a deadbeat dad who neglected his daughter... but he was also the creator of truly ridiculous board games. The games themselves provided more laughs than anything Mickey said or did. The games talked about -- Tijuana Slumlord, Car Battery ("How long can you hold on?"), There's a Clown Demon Under the Bed! ("Ages 4 and up") -- were hilarious, and just as funny were the games one could see sitting around in the background: Sleepy Tombstone Maze, Landmine Lunge, and Thirsty Thirsty Hippo. Mickey's sole great line in the episode was in response to Marshall's outrage over the ruined turkey from the exploded game of Diseases: "It's not real bile. It's just lead-based paint from China... and horse bile."

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