Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 7 Nomination Ceremony

BIG BROTHER 12 was all about the lady of the house of this week. Well, until the nominations came around that is. Britney was given the HOH power this week, after she became the lone lady in the house when Kathy was evicted last Thursday. We know immediately that she will nominate Brendon, as he is the easiest to put on the block and not bother anyone else. The real question was what other person would be put up alongside Brendon. Before the nominations, we watch the Brigade suck up to Matt after they all had basically told him that he would go home if he had gone up against Lane on the block last week. Matt is now worried about his secret alliance and knows he can't trust these guys anymore, but he also knows Britney's friendship with Lane will protect him, and probably Hayden, from going up this week.

Since Regan and Britney have formed their own relationship he knows he is safe, so it's either Matt or Enzo going up against Brendon. We finally get to see Britney's fiance, when we look at her HOH room and Lane is none too pleased to be compared to him. With some awful high school pageant pictures and a semi-sappy note from her mom, we were back in the game. For the Have and Have Not challenge, the guys are asked to split into two teams, Lane, Regan and Matt on one and Enzo, Hayden and Brendon on another, to take shots. Each round a team was given three shots, two normal and one with a bizarre, disgusting concoction. The other teams goal was to guess which houseguest drank the bad shot. Not surprisingly Regan was the best actor and took the prize home for his team, meaning Enzo, Hayden and Brendon will be eating sloop, and America's choice of bean dip and broccoli. How gassy!

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