LEVERAGE ''The Rashomon Job'' Review Season 3, Episode 11

The team reminisces about a night they each tried to steal the Dagger of Aqu Abi in the change-of-pace The Rashomon Job episode of LEVERAGE. Watching news coverage of a present-day exhibition of the dagger reminds the team of a night five years before when the dagger was also on display and when each team member claims to have stolen it, they decide to each describe their adventure and have Nate judge which one is the true thief. Their stories intersect and build on each other's until Nate's version gives the most complete picture of both the theft and the team members as they were before they started working together. In the end, there is no theft because the dagger the team had lusted after was actually a fake, planted by the owner who was running an insurance scam.

Pulling off a multiple point of view story is as hard as stealing a priceless dagger, but the Leverage team is more than up to the task. Each version of the tale fits perfectly with its storyteller and there is remarkably little repetition, so the pacing is brisk. Best of all, we see each team member's first impression of the others, and while it's not pretty, it is hilarious. Hardison saw Eliot as a psychotic nutcase since he, while impersonating a doctor, was going to use a carving knife to open Hardison's airway. Parker viewed the rest of the team as blathering idiots because that's how Parker sees everyone.

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