THE MIDDLE ''The Quarry'' Review Season 2, Episode 4

Is he an idiot? I'm starting to worry he's an idiot. Poor Mike just wants to teach Axl about life, but he runs smack against the teenage boy brain, which really is pretty much a black hole. When I'm 30, I'm so out of here. Axl's rhythmic stapling and crunching is great, as is If I had to work there every day, I'd pack a lunchbox full of poison. Hee. Gotta love Axl's back-up plan to working in the quarry: getting a reality TV show and having people pay him to wear his clothes. Sadly, at this point that's almost a viable alternative. HE would be perfect, too, given that his clothes seem to spontaneously fall off. Mike and Axl have a heart to heart at the end that reminds me a bit of Cliff and Theo from The Cosby Show.

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