Aqua Teen Hunger Force: "Monster" Review Season 7, Episode 5

After a couple of odd episodes that were either extremely random, gross, or violent, ATHF gets back to a more familiar formula that has an actual coherent plot and some pretty good one-liners and sight gags. It also gives us a hilarious and yet uncomfortable look into another aspect of Carl's strange sexual habits.

The story gets off to a good start with Frylock unknowingly getting cuddled by Meatwad in the night, which Meatwad considered a "booty call." We learn that Meatwad's own bed is actually a grill, which sort of makes sense for a wad of meat.

The story in this episode revolves around Meatwad's belief that there's a monster in his closet. Shake and Frylock make light of the situation, but their disbelief is kind of odd considering the past of this house. The place has harbored everything from a gateway to Hell to a millenia-old freeloading mummy to an actual monster in the attic that had a taste for people juice.

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