Review: Two and a Half Men - Yay, No Polyps Season 7, Episode 13

There was a strange break in this episode of Two and a Half Men, like it might have been written by a couple of people who weren't communicating with each other at the time. For the most part, one half of it was very funny. For the other part, however, the jokes were lame and the situation strained. It all added up to an odd night, which is probably kind of how Charlie felt when he got himself cornered into a tricky situation. More after the jump.

Charlie is a lying scumbag. No surprise there. But when faced with the prospect of spending time with Chelsea's parents in Illinois, he scrambled for an excuse and came up with -- wait for it -- a colonoscopy! Oh yes, he volunteered to have a camera snaked into his intestines rather than meet the parents.

How funny that it took Alan to question the wisdom of Charlie's plan. Normally, Charlie is the mocker, not the mockee.

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