Review: Life Unexpected - Pilot (series premiere)

If you've been waiting for something to fill the family drama void left by the end of Gilmore Girls on the CW, Life Unexpected will do nicely. The mid-season drama is a well-paced, funny and, yes, freaking heartwarming story about high school ex's reunited with the daughter they gave up for adoption.

What makes Life Unexpected a treat is that it's so different from the regular CW fare. Unlike Gossip Girl and 90210, this show (hopefully) won't be billed as OMFG TV. No rich teens getting drunk and playing sexual games. This just has one spunky foster kid, Lux, with street smarts and a good head on her shoulders that won't make you want to weep for the future. That in and of itself is a good reason to keep watching.

There's a lot about the drama I really did like, even though I came into it weary of the "tug at your heartstrings" premise.

As Lux , played wonderfully by Brittany Robertson, starts to get back in touch with her biological parents, there are the expected tearjerker moments, but they never feel cheap and tacked on. And there are some surprisingly funny ones as well.

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