Review: Chuck - Chuck Versus Operation Awesome Season 3, Episode 4

Do you have the nerve? That was the question a few times this go-round. If you get off on the "I double dog dare you" kind of action, then you were right at home. Chuck was put in an impossibly emotional situation, a continuation of last week, with Awesome drawn into Chuck's web of espionage. Would he be able to keep it together and use the Intersect to help his bro-in-law? And what about the new guy in the mix, the off-camera character the General was talking to? All that and more after the jump.

There were a couple of guest stars, starting with Law & Order vet Angie Harmon as Sydney Prince, a Ring operative who abducted Devon to recruit him. Of course how smart can the Ring be if they think Devon is the real spy? Doesn't their intelligence indicate that he has been pretty much a home body? That was a major hole in the plot... But it allowed Awesome to taste the action and realize that it's not for him.

It seemed to me that once Devon returned with the intel about Sydney and the communication device, the General should have put him in a safe house instead of throwing him back into action. He's a civilian. Goodness knows the CIA pros bitch about Chuck being a hindrance, it didn't add up that they would put Devon in the forefront of the case.

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