Review: The Big Bang Theory - The Bozeman Reaction

This episode really could have been Sheldon's one-man show on Broadway. He was definitely the star this week, and everyone else was basically there to help set-up jokes. Sheldon is by far my favorite character, but I'm not sure how I feel about this. When I was writing out my favorite quotes this week, every single one of them involved Sheldon, and while he was hilarious, I love Big Bang Theory as an ensemble.

With that said, I did enjoy this episode a lot. Sheldon is the best when he's put in stressful situations, and there aren't very many situations that are more stressful than being robbed. Although he took everything to a quirky extreme, Sheldon behaved in pretty much the exact same way I would think I would behave if I found myself in that situation. I would be afraid of every noise, barricade myself in my room, and failing all of that, I would totally pick up and move-- although I doubt I would ever attempt to move to Montana.

I actually think it would have been interesting if Sheldon ended up staying in Montana for an episode or two. He's so co-dependent (the man doesn't even drive, after all), that I would kind of love to see him in a completely new environment, having to make his way around without anybody's assistance.

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