Review: How I Met Your Mother - Jenkins Season 5, Episode 13

This was one of those episodes that seemed like it would be more fun than it actually was. The stories seemed to be potentially amusing, and there were some funny moments. But this was definitely on the lower side of the ledger as far as this season's episodes are concerned.

Which one of the stories did I like better? Hm... the Jenkins one, but only by a little bit. It was fun seeing Amanda Peet playing someone who was even more alpha male than Robin, and envisioning Peet doing some of the things Marshall described Jenkins doing wasn't exactly unpleasant. Oh, and it introduced us to Big Fudge, who I hope plays more Skee-Ball as the seasons go on.

There wasn't a lot of Barney in this episode, but that was on purpose; Neil Patrick Harris directed this episode, the first time he's directed anything on TV. I was on the set of HIMYM with my fellow critics this morning to watch them do a table read of a later episode; during the Q&A after the read, someone asked Neil about his directing experience.

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