Recap: Hollywood Week, Part Two

Welcome to American Idol, though tonight the show feels much more like 90210. Oh the drama! Tonight, 107 contestants will compete in the high-pressure group challenge, but only 75 will make it through to the next round. At the end of it all, will your favorite make it, or will they be headed home (to some serious therapy)?

I have to admit, the more I think about last night, the more I want to throw a temper tantrum. I cannot believe people like Bikini Girl and Norman Gentle were allowed to advance to the second round of Hollywood week. Then I really wanted to stamp my feet and scream very bad words about the fact that the only auditions we really got to see last night were of people we've already met. I wanted to see other people who may knock my socks off or horrify me like nasal-tastic Bikini Girl. Let's hope there's a better variety tonight, or I may ask for my money back.

As the contestants for their groups, I start getting a knot in my stomach like I used to when we had to pick teams in gym class. Kids would overtly choose teams based on popularity and not ability, and that's exactly what happens here. The fact that Megan Corkery is left without a group baffles me. And when she does find a group, the three brunette, mean girls roll their eyes and reluctantly let her join. I hope you smoke them, Megan!

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