Recap - Modern Family 1.24 "Family Portrait"

The Modern Family season finale begins with Phil loading his pockets with candy in preparation for the Lakers game. The concession prices at the arena get him "a little nuts" (as he points to one pocket. Continuing the word play (and pointing), Phil explains "It ruffles me when goobers tell me I have to spend half my payday on their hot dogs." (With the last food mention, Phil points to a pant pocket.) Claire reminds her husband that he needs to be home in time for the family portrait she has arranged for later in the day. She asks Phil if he tried on the white pants she laid out for him. When Phil balks at wearing white pants, Claire explains that the entire family will be wearing white, and if he doesn't, Phil will stand out like Where's Waldo?. "Actually, Where's Waldo doesn't stand out. He's super hard to find," Phil corrects his wife. Claire is not in the mood for Phil's shenanigans; she just wants him to promise to be ready for the pictures. Phil promises, and hugs Claire - crunching all of his hidden candy.

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