Reunion Recap

Just when you thought you were done with the Rock of Love Bus, it's reunion show time. Everyone seems to have made it back for the reunion show, including the entirety of the blondtourage and perhaps most excitingly, DJ Lady Tribe. Seeing that this was a season of drama, back-stabbing, shocking decisions, and lots of smack talking, this reunion could definitely be very interesting.

Of course, like most Mindy fans, I'm hoping for a Bret Michaels Bachelor style switcharoo at the reunion. Be a man and admit you chose the wrong lady Bret! Unlike Jason Mesnick, America will love you for doing so. And, double bonus, you'll end up with a woman you might actually have a chance at a real relationship with. Seriously, think about it Bret Michaels.

As all VH1 Reality Reunion shows are, the Rock of Love Bus Reunion will be hosted by Riki Rachtman. Riki will be serving as tonight's emcee and calling up memorable girls to discuss their time on Rock of Love Bus. I, myself, would prefer that Big John emcee the Reunion and share the tidbits only he knows...maybe it'll happen on Rock of Love Bus Four.

The first girl to be called to the stage is the spiritual, belly-dancing, celibate Constantina. Constanina, of course, is wearing some sort of bejeweled dot where her third eye is located. She also bejewels Bret's third eye, which he doesn't seem to use often, as it is covered by his trademark bandanna. The only reason Riki called Constantina up is to ask about her strange vow of celibacy. When asked if she's still celibate, Constanina says quite to the contrary, she's actually married now. After shimmying off the Rock of Love Bus tour Constantina met a great guy and was married on Christmas Eve by the Naked Cowboy. Now that is one spiritual ceremony. Turns out Constanina isn't the only woman who found love after being rejected by Bret. Two other women were engaged and married after leaving tour and one is already pregnant.

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