So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: "The Top 6 Perform"

Toni Reopath guest judges, Billy blows everyone away, and Kent continues to annoy Mia with her face. This performance episode features some phenomenal dancing so let's dive in and please try to avoid the "crunchy" dance moves that Mia hates so much.

No injuries! Woo hoo! The dancers are still dancing three times in one show, though, so who knows how long this good streak will last.

The new guest judge this week is ballroom expert Toni Reopath.

Let's get right to the dancing.

Kent's All-Star Dance

All-Star: Anya

Choreographer/Style: Jean-Marc Genereux and France/Cha Cha

Song: "My First Kiss" by 30H!3 feat. Ke$ha

I think this routine might qualify as a felony. Kent is still doing that thing with his face that Mia hates, but his attitude is great. And the director embraces the wide shot finally so we actually get to see his awesome foot work. I do hate this song's "kissy kissy" noises, though.

Judge's Opinions:

Nigel is happy that Kent has become a "man" dancer. Kent's hands curl up a bit, but otherwise a really good effort.

Toni thinks this number was better than Kent's original attempt at the Cha Cha. Kent's moves were greatk, but in an attempt to be as manly as possible, he may have hunched his shoulders a bit too much.

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