Recap: Episode 5.11

Last time on Hell's Kitchen: The remaining six chefs became one team--who performed miserably in service--and Ramsay sent Giovanni packing after a dismal display at the meat station. And then he threw the remaining five a curveball: "I'm shutting down Hell's Kitchen."

Tonight: Ramsay tells Danny, Robert, Ben, Andrea, and Paula that they will all leave tomorrow morning... to go to the Borgata in Atlantic City, where one of them will become head chef.

Ramsay wants them to come to terms with what's at stake, and get inspired. He sends them upstairs to get their bags packed. The chefs all display a renewed sense of energy for the trip. They board a private jet, where they drink champagne and celebrate. As they descend into Atlantic City, they see a billboard proclaiming "Welcome Hell's Kitchen Finalists!" The hotel marketing director and the "Borgata Babes" greet them.

They give the chefs some presents and send them up to their rooms. The next morning, the chefs get a tour of the resort, and learn that on a given day around 15,000 people come through the resort. They then head to restaurant row, and it's like a "fine dining food court," says Robert. Food is one of the main priorities at Borgata. They take a look at the massive empty space that will be Ramsay's new restaurant, and the chefs each daydream about what their restaurant would look like in the space. It becomes real to each of them: even Andrea is speechless.

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