Recap: "Look Into Their Eyes and You See What They Know"

In the aftermath of Edie's shocking (Get it? Get it?!) death, the ladies of Wisteria Lane take a road trip to break the unfortunate news to her absent son, Travers. Along the way, each Housewife flashes back to a moment when Edie revealed herself to be a true friend, a complicated woman with her own tragedies, insecurities and vulnerabilities. In the end, they scatter Edie's ashes with few words but much sentiment.

Remember a few weeks back on Desperate Housewives when the ladies reminisced about dearly departed handyman Eli? Well, Sunday's episode is exactly like that, which is an interesting (read: bad) choice by the writers. The only difference is that whereas the ladies' fond remembrances of the soulful, deified Eli brought a new depth of understanding to the history of these desperate housewives, their memories of the sorta-dearly departed Edie Britt are kind of pat, tread familiar territory and lack emotional punch. But in the context of the rumblings that Nicollette Sheridan's departure from the show was also maybe not so dear, perhaps this episode is more tonally correct than we realize.

While Mary Alice is away at the spa for wandering spirits this week, new arrival Edie takes over the show's ghostly voiceover. She recounts her final minutes after the car crash, as her neighbors gathered around as Edie took her last breath. "The good news," she reports, "I died just as I lived... as the complete and utter center of attention." Aw?

Dave, who is apparently taking a break from murderous rampaging to mourn this week, asks the ladies to deliver Edie's ashes to her son, Travers. It's unclear why he wouldn't have been told by now, but never mind. Susan, Bree, Gaby, Lynette and Mrs. McCluskey get in the car for the four-hour drive to... where exactly? Boston? Is this some clue as to where the mythical Fairview is actually located? Because a four-hour radius around Boston would put it in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, no? Interesting.

"Why don't we talk about Edie?" suggests Susan, setting up the not-so-original structure of the episode. "Why don't you start with the time that she tried to steal your comatose boyfriend?" says Lynette, helpfully. But no, Susan, who is hopelessly moved by Edie's death, thinks they should remember Edie in a good light. "Well, after that five minutes, then what?" snarks Gaby.

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