'Breaking Bad' - 'Mas' Recap Season 3, Episode 5

If you've been waiting this season for the switch to be flipped, for the seemingly inert Walter White to snap back to life, this was it. The show was called "Mas," Spanish for more. Looking ahead, that's what we're going to be seeing. For "mas" on the shifting tone, the parting of the ways and Ted's heated bathroom tiles in this episode, follow after the jump.

This was the end of Jesse and Walter. They're done as partners in crime, partners in need, even surrogate father and son. Whatever good will between them -- like Walt getting Jesse into rehab after Jane's death -- it's over. They are now adversaries. Jesse felt Walt had betrayed him on the Pinkman meth deal, but as the prologue showed, Jesse had betrayed Walt from the start by squandering Walt's life savings at a strip club. Jesse wasn't lying; he is a bad guy.

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