Raising the Bar Season 2, Episode 12: ''Beating a Dead Horse'' - Recap

In the second-season finale, Jerry takes over one of Bobbi's cases involving a pregnant woman who is addicted to heroin, and Michelle is determined to keep her in jail so she doesn't continue shooting up to the harm of her unborn baby. Roz defends a man against charges of assaulting an officer and abusing a horse. Oh, and things between Jerry and Bobbi remain flawless.

The epsiode begins when Bobbi tells Edan Amante that she is charged with appearing in a public place under the influence of narcotics. Bobbi convinces her she won't do time and not to worry.

Roz questions a man who assaulted a cop to save his dying horse. Roz calls Marcus to try to make a deal, but he declines due to the severity of the charge.

Meanwhile, at the hearing for Bobbi's case, Michelle refuses to let the woman off the hook like the other women charged in the same incident stating she needs to "look into things." As a result, Ms. Amante is held on $1,000 bail.

Later that evening, Jerry asks Bobbi to dinner, and after accepting the offer, she asks him if she can unload some of her cases onto him, including Ms. Amante's. The two kiss and go to dinner (looking pretty happy together, I might add).

Michelle further investigates the case, hoping to find legitimate reasons to keep Ms. Amante behind bars until after the birth of her child. Balco tells her he admires her determination and gives her an idea. The next day, Michelle informs Judge Kessler and Jerry (who is now covering the case) that they are pursuing the case as a felony. Michelle also requests a bail increase, which Kessler sets at $2,500 dollars.

Afterwards, Michelle admits she isn't sure what the charge is yet when confronted by Jerry, and says it will most likely be "conspiracy." Michelle says the client can take the deal of three months, which is probably two served. Michelle admits she wants Ms. Amante to have her baby in jail while under its treatment.

Meanwhile, Roz's client testifies about the horse's health at the time of the assault against the police officer.

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