Supernatural Episode Recap: "My Bloody Valentine" Season 5, Episode 14

In "My Bloody Valentine" an entire town is in chaos just in time for Valentine's Day. A diapered, cherubic hugalicious Cupid has nothing to do with it, instead it's another nasty, more evil, force at play.

One of the reasons this last episode before a five-week hell-atus is memorable, is because it happens to be named after Jensen's horror flick from last year. I love that little touch.

I don't know about you, but I thought this episode was going to be the standard standalone, but it was nothing like that. It dredged up all this baggage from the past. I had no idea Sam would succumb to the temptation of the demon blood once again. We met another of the Four Horsemen (Famine) and he worked it to where Sam was completely under the influence. At the end of the hour he had to be restrained in Bobby's panic room again. Plus, Cas had an insatiable hunger for red meat. At first it was cooked hamburgers. By the end it was raw meat, it just kept getting worse and worse thanks to Famine.

Dean's the only one in the town not to fall to the terrible gnawing hunger. And that's not a good thing. It means Dean's completely running on empty to the point where Famine commented on the fact Dean's already dead inside. Is this because of his time in hell? Is this because of what he went through with Sam last season? Is this because of losing most of the people he's loved in his life? I just know the two brothers are in pain. It's hard to see them both in such a bad, bad way. For the first time this season Sam used his powers only being hopped on demon blood could elicit and Dean was forced to watch on the sidelines.

My emotions are completely spent. I had no idea "My Bloody Valentine" would be this exhausting, this serious. I should have known writer Ben Edlund would not only put Sam and Dean through the wringer, but he would put us through the wringer too. I haven't felt this emotionally drained from watching the show since Ben's Season 4 episode "On the Head of a Pin." In "The Song Remains the Same" Sera Gamble did what she always does - she gave Jared such good stuff to play with Sam. I've said this in the comments of my blog many times before, but I believe Ben Edlund has developed into the best Dean writer. However, Edlund did right by all three characters (Sam, Dean and Castiel) and I just can't believe how amazing this episode was. Let's break it down.

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