Community: "Interpretive Dance" Review Episode 14

Community seems to be on a roll. Since coming back from a short hiatus, they've stepped up the comedy and moved their story arcs along nicely. In my opinion, this was the strongest episode of the season so far: full of amazingly funny dialogue, a bittersweet moment between Jeff and Britta that added new depth to their relationship, and to top it all off, a show-stopping dance extravaganza.

Besides those factors, this episode also had the right combination of characters taking the lead. With such a large cast, it's easy for some of them to get lost in the shuffle, including Jeff, who should always have a hand in the lead storyline. As these last two strong episodes have shown, when Jeff is at the center, good things happen. This time out, he and Professor Slater (the statistics teacher we first met in the Halloween episode) officially announced they were an item. Romances between teachers and students are frowned upon, and at first, they kept things hush-hush. "The secret does make the sex 38% hotter," said Professor Slater. "Wow," said Jeff, "you do like statistics."

But it wasn't a surprise that the study group accidentally and awkwardly discovered their secret (this is a sitcom after all). What was a surprise is that the relationship actually lasted the entire episode. I was really happy that they're treating Jeff and Professor Slater like a real couple and not just a sitcom hook-up that works for one episode. The theme of Jeff slowly rebuilding his life through community college was back in force as he admitted to Britta that, "having a girl for a friend helped [him] have a girlfriend." After rebuffing Jeff's advances and denying her attraction for the better part of this season, we finally saw the first crack in Britta's armor, and however bittersweet, it was great to see an honest moment between the two.

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