'Community' Recap: 'Interpretive Dance' Episode 14 - Starpulse

This week on Community there were no guest appearances and a few characters had a few secrets and none of them wanted people to know about them.

The episode starts out by Annie requesting a change in time for their study group meeting because she has stuff to do instead of studying. The idea is quickly shot down by everyone including an adamant Troy and Britta.

Troy says he has a math class "or something" to do and cannot change his schedule but we find out he is taking Modern Dance and loving every minute of it. On the way to MD101 he is woofing it up with his football buddies, acting as manly as possible and sneaks into class, tears off his clothes, and unveils a fancy leotard.

As class ends Troy runs into a shameful Britta and the two exchange laughs as they look at what each other are wearing. They both swear not to tell anyone but Britta reminds Troy everyone will find out soon because the recital is at week's end.

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