Doctor Who: 'The Lodger' Review Season 5, Episode 11

Faced with a house containing James Corden and some kind of murderous shape-shifting extraterrestrial, we weren't entirely sure which we'd find most terrifying in this week's Doctor Who. As it turns out, neither - in 'The Lodger', Corden reminded us how he got himself on the celebrity map in the first with a sweetly sincere performance as lovelorn Craig Owens, while the initially more enticing alien premise ended up little more than a curious fizzle.

Based on writer Gareth Roberts' 2007 comic strip of the same name, this week's Doctor Who saw the TARDIS go haywire as the Timelord touched down in modern-day Colchester, leaving the Doctor stranded on Earth as Amy ricocheted around time and space thanks to some alien interference. With nowhere to go, the Doctor attempted to pass himself off as human as the lodger in a flat which just so happened to be home of some malevolent extraterrestrial force, luring humans off the street and up the stairs to their doom.

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Jun 14, 2010 7:50PM EDT

Firstly (lol) comments on Tennant's portrayal of the Doctor being "almost too-human" should take into credit that he was the doctor for a long time. Meaning that he was around humans more than Eccleston or Smith. If Smith plays the doctor for as many years as Tennant, which i doubt, he will end up being "almost too-human" aswell.

With this episode i agreed that it was a bit rushed. It didn't seem to be about the problem with the alien and more about getting as much stupid laughs out of having the annoying Corden guy in the show, which wasn't very funny to me, I don't find him interesting. And was set up to show that Smith could deliver a funny line.
I honestly didn't even understand what was going on when it came out that there was no upstairs and the whole thing was just a perception filter (s3e12) and something about another Tardis then bang the show is over. What happened there?!!!!!!
Bring on next week and something that will the mind racing. They trying to make me guess at things and make up my own answers like this was Lost or something. Then in the end the whole thing will just be that they are in heaven!!! LOL

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