Supernatural: "Sam, Interrupted" Review Season 5, Episode 11

Supernatural returns from hiatus with a tense hunt for a monster in a mental institution. Dean and Sam pose as patients in order to find a wraith that has been terrorizing the inmates, but the longer they stay, the less it seems as though they are pretending to be crazy.

"Sam, Interrupted" does what so many Supernatural episodes do so well: it balances the scary monster story with comedy, both subtle and not so subtle humor. One of the best scenes starts the episode off on a high note as we see the brothers speaking with a doctor at the hospital. The plan is that they will tell the truth, the whole crazy story about the apocalypse, demons, angels, and everything, and tell it with such sincerity that there is no choice but for the doctor to have them held for observation. The audience can play along with Dean and Sam; we know that they are being absolutely honest, and that they know full well the response they will receive. This is also a clever way for the show to remind viewers what has been happening this season, since it has been on hiatus for a few weeks.

Another hilarious bit is seeing Sam high on drugs, similar to how comical he was when he was drunk in "Playthings." Jared Padalecki is very funny when he gets a chance to play Sam with his guard down. He has a tendency to say things that he would otherwise never say, and he is so earnest about everything, which only makes it funnier when he finishes things up by tweaking Dean's nose and saying, "Boop!"

The monster this week, a wraith, is especially frightening because it preys on people who are trapped. The first victim we see could clearly have been saved, if the rantings of a crazy person were not automatically ignored. This potentially creepy aspect of the story loses a lot of its bite when Dean and Sam are practically wandering freely around the hospital during their investigation however. I find it to be especially suspicious that they manage to break into the morgue. But the morgue is where we are given both the grossest part (Sam saws a guy's skull open!) and the silliest part (Dean drops his pants!), so maybe I shouldn't be too hard on them.

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