Grey's Anatomy: Cristina and Owen to Stay Happy?

Miss the gloomy, cynical, dark and twisty Cristina (Sandra Oh)? As Grey's Anatomy takes a rather extended holiday break and return next year, prepare to miss her some more, because Grey's Anatomy executive producer reveals that things look rather peaceful for her and otherwise intense boyfriend Owen (Kevin McKidd) at least for the mean time.

"I love Owen and Cristina too," she says. "A ton of Owen and Cristina stuff is coming up. In January. When we air again."

Sure, there's the matter of Kim Raver to deal with, but sources say a lot of Grey's Anatomy writers, including big boss Shonda himself, are a big fans of the Owen and Cristina tandem.

Raver, however, who plays cardio goddess Teddy Altman (to whom Owen sort of admitted he also had feelings for) on an extended story arc, is staying put, at least for a few more episodes. The coupling between Owen and Cristina reached a new depth on the last episode of Grey's Anatomy, when Owen, just when you think he was going to betray Cristina, told Teddy that he was in love with the intense resident.

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