'24' recap: Don't wear the 'suicide vest' if you don't want to go boom...

Don't worry: Lynette Rice is super-busy reporting some entertainment news stories, but she'll return to doing the 24 TV Watch next week. I volunteered, for just this week, to recap 24, the show I did TV Watches for during its 2006 and 2007 seasons.

This week, we got a literally explosive conclusion to the Marcos as human-time-bomb plot. Marcos proved to be a poignant character (for a would-be terrorist), his confusion and misplaced good heart becoming more apparent with each attempt to manually re-start the bomb ignition system. His anguished talks with his mother (Mare Winningham, making the most of a small role), and his intense focus on what Jack was telling him while Marcos was barricaded inside that oxygen chamber - all this made for good, tense drama.

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