The Vampire Diaries 1.13 "Children of the Damned" Recap

"Children of the Damned" proved to be a well informing episode of The Vampire Diaries, due to it answering a lot of questions, while raising even more in the process. Anna's reasoning for wanting in the tomb? Check! More bitchy, evil Katherine? Check! Crazy ass cliffhannger? Double check.

But what we didn't get tonight were broken windows, whiplash or any self mutilation when it came to the reveals. Blame LOST for the lack of harming myself this week it comes to The Vampire Diaries, because I used up all of my energy during their massive two-hour premiere. So instead of talking about LOST's time travel, let's do the time warp with the residents of Mystic Falls and see just who else might be in that tomb...

The Set Up

Mystic Falls, 1864

A man and his carriage driver are stopped by Katherine in the middle of a dark, spooky road, because Katherine claims that her husband is injured. But he isn't obviously and Katherine feasts on the two poor souls, while a still human Damon watches, mesmerized and ready for the turn. "Not yet," Katherine purrs as she kisses Damon, giving him a taste of blood in the process. Ew..

Mystic Falls, Present Day

Damon awakes Stefan and Elena from their slumber to give them orders on what they could do to get the tomb opened. Elena, who gets journal duty since it's her "ancestor"'s journal they are looking for, asks what a grimoire is and we find out that it's pretty much a witch's magic book of unique spells. Stefan wonders about the other mystery vamp, which Damon has issues with as well.

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