Review: 'Fringe' - 'Jacksonville' Season 2, Episode 15

I'm sorry that Fringe has to take such a long break (no new episodes until April 1. April 1!), but it could choose no better episode to go out on than this one. The mythology-heavy "Jacksonville," both expanded the show's mythology, and it also gave us a nice little character reveal (something we already know, but another character discovered) that will be absolutely crazy to see the outcome of when Fringe returns on 4/1 with the episode "Peter."

But tonight's episode of Fringe centered on the alternate universes that have been the main mythology since the show's beginning. It appears that Thomas Newton (Sebastian Roche) is causing rifts between our universe and the parallel universe, with disasterous results.

I have to say, the writers of Fringe made the best of what could have been a bad situation. While it seems Roche was unavailable to play the role of Newton in the episode, they made his prescence quite large in the episode without actually showing him. It's this amount of subtlety that makes Fringe so deep.

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