'The Amazing Race' - 'When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head' Recap

'The Amazing Race' is the reality television show that most viewers want to live vicariously through. After all, who really wants to be stuck in a house with strangers? Or eat bugs? Nope. We want adventure! A whirlwind trip through countries, cool challenges, a quick cultural dip into unfamiliar territories, and more. Sure, there's a million dollar prize at the end. But I think the show attracts some teams almost as much for the adventure of it all. However, teams caught up in the adventure sometimes take their eyes off the prize and face Philimination.

Alliances? You think you're on 'Survivor' or what?

We've seen alliances on the show before, but it's usually larger groups of teams and not by the second leg. Two different alliances formed tonight -- Joe/Heidi and Carol/Brandy, Jeff/Jordan and Caite/Brent. I don't think either of the alliances are going to be long term. Carol and Brandy come across as users. They mock the other teams, yet quickly latched onto Joe and Heidi for support. With the Jeff/Jordan and Caite/Brent alliance, I like to think of it as the Show Biz Buddies. Both teams are set a bit apart from the others, as they've been in the public eye before. They're probably going to last longer than the other alliance, but both teams are starting out quite strong.

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