Review: 'Archer' - 'The Honey Pot' Episode 5

Y'know the way you've been frantically scribbling in your diary for the past few years about how badly you want to see Thomas Lennon and Ron Perlman voice animated characters together? Yeah. I bet you thought you would keep writing forever. But 'Archer' sensed the secret wish in your tear-stained pages and made it a reality.

This episode wasn't quite as rapid-fire funny as some of the previous ones but it was still fantastic. It's clear that the writers are having a lot of fun with the characters, even the ones that pop up for only one mission.

In this episode, Archer had to take on a classic Honey Pot mission... with a little more gay seduction than he's used to.

The choice of Perlman as the Hispanic, roguish agent Ramon worked unusually well. His voice is scary-good (I need a new ring-tone; maybe it needs to be "Duh and/or hola!"). Ramon in general was great to watch, mainly towards the end, after the Jai-Alai scene with Archer, as they bonded over having nagging mothers.

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