Review: 'The Mentalist' - 'Redline' Season 2, Episode 13

And we so love that new episode smell, don't we? Jane definitely loved more than that new car smell in this new installment of 'The Mentalist', he loved the politics of a popular and pricy dealership and had loads of fun analyzing and toying with the staff.

But what Jane probably loved most this week, which coincidentally is what I enjoyed most in the episode, is that he was able to make a friend!

Of course, Jane's interest in Walter Mashburn was, at first, for the case. Even if Jane used Walter and his pricey yellow car to get to the bottom of this week's case, Jane and Walter sort of developed a friendship.

I suspected from the start that Walter wasn't the murderer -- that's because recognizable Kevin Rahm was playing another salesman and that the salesmen competition didn't seem too healthy right from the start -- but Walter still picked my interest as he called Jane a phony right from the start, Walter was cocky, loved being a suspect and knew which buttons to push to get Jane to come back. And he did come back. Of course, Walter asking Lisbon out was just icing on the cake!

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