Recap: "Gospel"

This week's episode pitted Earl's (Jason Lee) faith in karma against another man's faith in Christianity. But as we've learned many times from watching My Name Is Earl, having faith in anything is what really counts. Let's review how this one played out.

The gang starts out at a church picnic (or bazaar, as we call them where I come from), which Earl points out is usually the only time of the year they're anywhere near a church. When Reverend Greene (Faison Love) calls Earl and Randy (Ethan Suplee) over to one of the game stands, Earl recognizes him as someone he's wronged in the past. Confident that this man of the cloth will probably not explode with anger, he comes right out with the fact that he and Randy once stole the organ from the church (after hearing they could make money selling organs on the black market). Sure enough, Reverend Greene prays to God to thank him for this test and promptly forgives Earl but not before explaining that he can relate to Earl since he used to be a vicious thug by the name of Hash Brown, for the way he used to treat his victims. Of course, this makes Earl's ears perk up, but he doesn't worry as he's already been forgiven. He and Randy promise to return the organ.

At about the same time, things aren't looking as rosy for Joy (Jaime Pressly) and Catalina (Nadine Velazquez). After getting fall-down drunk at the picnic, Joy becomes jealous of Catalina for winning so many prizes, including a radio headset. Also annoyed with Darnell (Eddie Steeples), she storms off. In a drunken haze, she steals a riding mower and drives it down the sidewalk. Seeing an unsuspecting Catalina walking while listening to her headset, Joy sees her chance for revenge and, obviously not in her right mind, runs Catalina down with the mower. Thinking she's murdered her, Joy takes Catalina to the shed. When she awakens, Joy realizes she can't let her go because she'll run to the cops. I have two kids and two strikes, she says. So she holds Catalina hostage, pinned down by the mower, until she can think of what to do.

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