Episode Recap: Auditions, San Juan and New York City

As Ryan says, "fasten your seatbelts," because you're in for a wild ride, courtesy of New York City and San Juan. That's right, tonight we get a two-for-one deal on Idol hopefuls! Which city will produce the most talent?

Since there are two cities this evening, I'll make sure to note which city the contestants are from if I mention them below.

* Best Auditions

Jorge Nunez (San Juan): He sounds a little like Marc Anthony (don't tell Marc, but I like Jorge better), and the judges enjoyed him while singing in both English ("What a Wonderful World") and Spanish ("My Way").

Melinda Camille (NYC): Besides her awesome energy (and the fact that she likes to dance around naked), she sounds fantastic singing "Feelin' Good." Though Randy said she "fell off the melody a little," he and the other judges like her enough to send her to Hollywood.

Jackie Tohn (NYC): She chose a terrible first song with Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," but her second song (no idea what it was called) proved that she has a funky, bluesy voice. Who knows how far she'll get, but it's fun to see different types of artists get through to Hollywood.

* Simon Proves He Has a Soul Moment

Adeola Adegoke (NYC): She is so confident she's going to Hollywood that she quit her job prior to the audition. But, upon hearing the first note of Jennifer Hudson's "I'm Telling You," we sure hope they haven't read her letter of resignation yet (and Simon said the same thing). I think small kittens might be dying somewhere. When Simon rejects her she blurts more painful singing, and Simon tells her he's even willing to phone her boss to get her job back. And, shockingly, he does call her boss and gets her job back. Yay, Simon.

* It's Karma, Baby

The large plastic screen behind the judges came tumbling toward them during Jackie's audition. The crew catches it before it can smack any of them, but, still... maybe it's a sign, guys?

The Search for the Most Annoying Human Being on the Planet Is Now Over

Joel Contreras (San Juan): He calls himself the "Crazy Rocker," but really, he's just the most annoying person I've ever heard on this show. That's saying a lot. A lot. At first, I thought the giant iPod was creative, but his shrill voice (singing something I don't know) and massive "crazy in his eyes" routine made me fumble for the "fast forward" button on my DVR. I haven't even gotten to the lion hand puppet and the superhero suit... I'll just leave that to your imagination.

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